1. The Courage to Live Your True Life

  2. School portraits of famous rock stars
  3. 10 Signs You're Having Your Quarter-Life Crisis

  4. Tonight at 7:30pm I’ll be leading a free workshop called "In Search of One’s Calling" at East West Bookstore in Mountain View. 
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  5. "If you’re waiting for a sign, this is it"
  6. “To live content with small means; to seek elegance rather than luxury, and refinement rather than fashion, to be worth, not respectable, and wealthy, not rich; to study hard, think quietly, talk gently, act frankly; to bear all cheerfully, do all bravely, await occasions, hurry never. In other word, to let the spiritual, unbidden, and unconscious, grow up through the common” – Bruce Lee
  7. video: Seniors Are Awesome (And They Give Great Advice) thedailywhat / [buzzfeed]

  8. psych-facts:

Survey to see which personality you are: http://4fdb98f4.linkbucks.com 
  9. Most Twentysomethings Don’t Feel Like Adults 

by Sharon Jayson
  10. Generation X Is Sick of Your Bullshit 
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